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Memorandum Of Understanding

Eager to create healthy partnerships with neighboring ports, the first action of the WKRRA was to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Alexander-Cairo Riverport Authority and the Mississippi County Port Authority to ensure mutual support from both sides of the river before beginning feasibility studies to determine the success of the Kentucky terminal.

Cooperative Agreement

Signed a Cooperative Agreement with Phoenix Paper Wickliffe LLC for the development of the inland waterway terminal on the paper mill’s 69-acre location at the Mayfield Creek Site. WKRRA and Phoenix Paper are currently working toward execution of a lease agreement that will give WKRRA control of the project site; however, Phoenix Paper has requested the completion of a traffic study before fully executing the agreement.

Joint Board

Combined the West Kentucky Regional Riverport Authority board with the local Wickliffe- Ballard Riverport Authority board to increase efficiency and decrease redundancy.

Economic Feasibility Study

Awarded a DRA grant for the completion of an economic development feasibility study. Results reflected a positive outcome for the development of Phase 1 that would create approximately 46 direct jobs in the region, plus 6 jobs for WKRRA. The study also found the Project would have a positive net revenue once it is operational.  The report identified the advantages of the Mayfield Creek Site as having 200 feet of river frontage on the Mississippi River, strategic partnership with the current landowner, and room for growth with 69- acres available. 

Archeological Survey

Obtained a USDA grant totaling $84,000 that was used to complete a Phase 1 Archeological Survey and a Wetlands and Stream Delineation Study for the proposed site.

Public Information Meeting

On March 2, 2021, a public information meeting was held to garner feedback from the community regarding the Feasibility Study. The meeting was in-person and via social media with positive outcomes.

Approval By Commonwealth of Kentucky

Feasibility Study was presented to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Secretary Jim Gray of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and Secretary Larry Hayes of the Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet to gauge support from the state for the project. The meeting resulted in full support from Kentucky state leadership for a regional inland waterway terminal.

Industry Support

Two industries have submitted letters of intent to become tenants of the Riverport and invest an additional $5.3 million to develop their necessary infrastructure on the Project Site. WKRRA is negotiating an agreement with a third tenant of the riverport.

Site Map

Enlisted local engineering firm, GEO Consultants Corp (GEO), to create preliminary site maps of the port.

Product Development Initiative Grant

In Fall of 2022, a Product Development Initiative grant application was submitted to the state of Kentucky for the request of $300,000 in funds for due diligence and pre-construction activities. The WKRRA received the notice of award in March 2023.

Water Line Design

The City of Wickliffe hired Can-Tech Engineering Group for water line design. Can-Tech received approval from Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) to proceed for the engineered water line plans. The City received a Cleaner Commonwealth Grant (funded by American Rescue Plan Act) to install the water lines to the port site for fire protection and potable water. The construction is to take place in early 2024 with total construction costs estimated at $102,070.

Engineering & Planning Services Contact

In December of 2022, the WKRRA advertised a RFQ for a qualified engineering, procurement, and construction firm to provide engineering and planning services. A review committee of the WKRRA reviewed and scored the applicants and a recommendation was made to hire the team of GEO Consultants and HDR out of Paducah, KY. The team was awarded the contract in January of 2023.

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